There are thousand of ideas of the assassination of JFK.
Many lead to New Orleans and the summer of 1963 when a young Lee Harvey Oswald was walking the streets.
This is a walking tour through downtown New Orleans and the French Quarter tracing the steps and actions of Oswald in '63.
Highly researched and taken from numerous eyewitness accounts, noted authors and researchers, this tour unravels the layers of what was going on
and why New Orleans was so important.
Hands Off Cuba, Guy Bannister, The Mafia connection and more in this enlightening and insightful journey down the 'rabbit hole'

that is one of our nations greatest mysteries to this date.

We are New Orleans leading experts on Lee Harvey Oswald and the JFK Conspiracy.
Extensive research and first-person interviews are just a part of the in-depth investigation we have done.
We are the Official Tour of the Annual Lee Harvey Oswald Conference in New Orleans and
Jeffrey was a speaker at the JFK Assassination Conference in Dallas Nov. 2017.

Reservation Only $35 pp.
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"Conde Nast Top 10 Tours in New Orleans!"

Official Speaker at the 2017
JFK Assassination Conference, Dallas, Texas


Official Tour of the Lee Harvey Oswald Conference,
New Orleans. 2013-2017